Building a Customer Onboarding Program: The Keys to Success

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May 3, at 1pm ET / 10am PST

Customer onboarding is crucial for SaaS companies looking to drive recurring revenue. It allows you to improve users’ time to value, which leads to increased renewals.

Now, that sounds great in theory. But how, exactly, can your Customer Success team inspire this loyalty? In other words, what steps should your team take to implement an effective onboarding program that drives customer success?

In this webinar you will learn:

 The essential components of every customer onboarding program
 Tips and tricks for improving the onboarding experience for customers
 How to lay the groundwork for Customer Success throughout the onboarding process
mic icon.png Featured Presenter
Linda Schwaber-Cohen

Linda Schwaber-Cohen
Head of Training, Skilljar

Linda's expertise lies in building and growing onboarding and training programs at software startups. After teaching for several years in a K-12 and university setting, she shifted gears and began to develop programs to help customers adopt and see the value in B2B software purchases. She currently serves as Head of Training at Skilljar.